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Industrial Painting

In order for any industrial project to be successful preparation, specialized coating and workmanship require a greater role.

In order to comply with Postupak Painting has incorporated the following:

Employee training

Employee health monitoring

Confined space training

OSHA 10, and OSHA 30 training

Alcohol and Drug testing when required

First aid and CPR training

Weekly tool box topics

Industrial Painting jobs across America

Postupak Painting helped to preserve America’s achitectural heritage.

These sites have included Pennsylvania cover bridges, Gettysburg, Bishop White House Philadelphia, and the Thomas Point Light House in the Chesapeake Bay.

Thomas Point Light House

The Thomas Point Light House was one of those special jobs. It is the last freestanding screw pile lighthouse still working today. After a hurricane blew through it, it was torn apart.. Postupak Painting was brought into to help restore the site.

The crew members were required to take a 15 minute boat ride everyday to the middle of the bay, along with food and a sleeping bag, in the event they were stranded by a storm.

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